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What Gray Hair Says About Your Health

With the advance of time, it’s natural that at one point the hair on our heads transits from its youthful color to a gray shade and eventually white. The major cause of those strands of silver starting to show is down to the death of melanin-secreting cells as we grow old with melanin responsible for giving hair its normal color orientation. Sometimes though, graying can be indicative of an underlying medical condition. It is this concept that we are concerned about today as we unravel exactly what gray hair could be saying about your health.

01. Heart disease is a possibility

There is an increased risk of heart disease for those with gray hair, particularly in men, going by the findings of the European Society of Cardiology that substantiated this with a 2017 study. The researchers split a study group of 545 men into a number of categories depending on coronary artery disease, diabetes, and hypertension among others.
Scientists then ranked the extent of grayness on a 1-to-5 scale ranging from almost non-existent to heavily white respectively. Results painted a picture that coronary artery disease was common among those with a score above 2 regardless of various factors and chronological age. In a nutshell, graying out could be a sign that you have heart disease.
Heart disease
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02. It may simply be down to a vitamin deficiency

As mentioned before, melanin is the pigment in hair follicles that gives our hair, and skin, its natural color. Production of this pigment depreciates with age in line with a general 50-50-50 dermatology rule of thumb that suggests half the population has about 50% gray hair at the age of 50.
At other times though, the decrease of this chemical production can have nothing to do with age and all to with the absence of fuel vitamins, such as B12 and 03, the body needs for melanin formation.
It may simply be down to a vitamin deficiency
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03. Your immune system is going into overdrive

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