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20 Early Warning Signs & Symptoms of Mold Toxicity You Should Know

In every single day in our daily life, we are often exposed to toxic mold in different ways, this is either by breathing, touching or ingestion without even our knowledge. We all know that molds are part of our environment and they are normally found at any place both outdoors and indoors. They commonly grow below the floors, and behind the walls and they even go to the extent of making a home in the different foods we take. With all these said, they can be both dangerous and harmful to our life and that’s why we need to take control of their growth at large in our homes. They can bring illness to our life without our knowledge. Herein are common early signs and symptoms of mold toxicity you should know;

01. Headaches

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This is actually the first sign of mold toxicity. This can arise by being exposed to the area mold grow for several hours due to an allergic reaction of the spores to the environment. This symptom can also arise due to the inflammation of the nasal cavity’s mucous membranes. Having headache is a sign that the body is busy fighting mold spores entering your system.

02. Watery and itchy eyes

This is another common sign that will show this condition. This is brought by the mycotoxins that can be in the air due to the mold. Your eyes will turn watery and at the same time itchy when the mycotoxins get into contact with the cells found in the eyes.
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