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15 Things Men Find Unattractive In Women

Most women will do everything within their powers to attract men into their circles. While they are doing it for good intentions, some of the actions may actually have negative impacts. One may think she is attracting men when the truth is she is driving them away. By the time a woman realizes this, it’s too late to make things right. To avoid such an embarrassing scenario, the guide below seeks to highlight 15 things men find unattractive on a woman.

01. Excess perfume

spray parfum
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Hyper marketing tricks can make a woman feel the need to possess a highly-scented perfume in order to smell exotic and desirable. With images and videos of celebrities using certain brands of perfumes, the urge even becomes stronger However, an artificial scent from a bottle can never give you a natural boost before men. In fact, most men admit to loving a woman’s natural scent, especially during her ovulation period. If you sweat too much and want to avoid the awful smell of sweat, then use a reasonable amount of perfume. You don’t have to apply too much perfume in order to smell good.

02. Too much makeup

As we said, men are more attracted to natural women. While you can improve your facial outlook by applying some expensive mascara lipstick, and foundation, this can actually turn down potential men. If you have to apply some makeups, then don’t overdo it. While most women use too many makeups today, you can actually stand out of the crowd by remaining natural. Makeup plays a less role in attracting a man into your life. No man can choose a caked woman over a natural on. I hope you know!

03. Extreme makeovers

Extreme makeovers
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You don’t have to go through risky makeovers in order to please a man, In fact, a man who loves you for genuine reasons will never push you to that extent. A good man will appreciate the way he found you and won’t require you to recreate yourself to please him. Most men will just love the natural person you are and nothing more Also, men love confident women who appreciate themselves. Trying to rectify your imperfections is likely to turn off any mature man. Things like a strict diet to cut weight or plastic surgery can make a woman look insecure and this ends up turning off men.
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