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10 Most Beautiful Cat Breeds in The World

While you’re looking out for your next pet cat, make sure you’re checking amongst these 10 most beautiful cat breeds. Additionally, they’re friendliest animals and will cheer up your mood after a tiring day.

01. Siamese Cat

Siamese Cats are among the most affectionate and social cats with a lot of communication power compared to various other cat breeds which are available in the world. They’ve got much meaningful monologue. It also presents their worthy attempts for communication. Siamese cats make a harsh and loud sound whenever they want something. Sometimes they also follow you for resting on your lap. Siamese Cat is a lot social and requires your company while it never likes to be left alone at home.
Siamese Cat
Image: Pixabay/webandi

02. Abyssinian

This cat breed Abyssinian is among the oldest with features from the sacred cats admired mostly by ancient Egyptians. This breed was firstly found in Abyssinia (currently Ethiopia) and currently this is among the most beautiful and sought out cat breeds worldwide. Abyssinians have got triangular sharp ears with attentive large eyes with short creamy are available coats.
Image: Pixabay/tsapenkodg

03. Exotic Shorthair

Exotics Shorthair are also known as Persian Shorthair as they’ve got almost are available except for the short shore. Their exotic hair type got developed in 1950 while going across Persian cats with different types of haired brief feline. Exotics Shorthair are spirited, affectionate, wonderful and some of the most loyal pets.
Exotic Shorthair
Image: Pixabay/RobynRandell

04. Persian cat

One of the most beautiful cat species in the world with its popular and old charm is the majestic Persian cat, over the time this beautiful cat has mostly been bred for its unique coat color. Now Persian cat is available with more than eight different hair shades. Socially this cat is highly active and blends well with friends, family members, and other pets as well. Due to their calm and soothing nature, they’re also comfortable while being indoors and have been admired as good household pets. Their different eyes colors with their sharp facial features provide them with poised and attentive appearance.
Persian cat
Image: Pixabay/damien666

05. Maine Coon

If you’re looking for a large hairy black cat that remains to be affectionate to people around it, you can pet the Maine coon. This cat is the world’s largest domesticated breed and has been loved by families around the world. Full grown adult males weight more than 11 kgs while females weigh at 5 kgs. The cuddly cat gets a thick coat fur which is red, brown, black, silver or white and has a fluffy presence. The Maine Coon also has a fur with water resistance.
Maine Coon
Image: Pixabay/skeeze

06. British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is among the world’s most ancient cat breeds. The cat breed was mainly imported from Egypt in the 1st century A.D. Medium sized British Shorthair cats remain extremely calm and affectionate.
British Shorthairs are of a social personality. Also, they get along well with various other pets as well. The short and dense British Shorthair coat cats are available in blue, black, cream, gold and silver colors.
British Shorthair
Image: Pixabay/Alexas_Fotos

07. Birman

The Birman remains to be among the most beautiful cat breeds while having striking coloration. This is mainly famous as the sacred cat of Burma’. The name “Birman” is derived by a legend when a Burmese temple was home to a group of white cats. Unfortunately, the robbers murdered the main priest. A single white cat also arrived besides priest with intimacy for the final movement. When the priest died, all white cats within the temple transformed to attractive golden colors with grace of the temple Goddess.
Birman eyes also appeared bluish with just the similar appearance of the Goddess.
Image: Pixabay/Antranias

08. Scottish Fold

If you noticed a cat with unique downward folded ears, it’s probably a cat of Scottish fold breed. Their bent ears are an outcome of their prevailing gene-mutation. Their heads have a rounded clean appearance. The Scottish fold is also has a round face and eyes.
Scottish folds can be found in both short haired and long haired versions. Their coat is available with an array of colors such as red, blue, chocolate, lavender with a lot of mixtures of white. Scottish folds are highly affectionate and playful.
Scottish Fold
Image: Pixabay/cat-cheng

09. Toyger

This cat is among the most recent breeds in our list and it is still in development. Firstly it got bred in United States and it is a rare breed which typically isn’t found out of the country. This cat has a unique appearance with black and orange stripes. These cats can easily get trained and are intelligent and loving as well. However, unlike most house cats, these require a lot of physical activity and typically chase domestic and small animals.
Image: Pixabay/Kapa65

10. Turkish Angora

These long haired pet cats prevailed from both Armenia and Persia and are also related to 16th century Europe. Initially, Angoras and Persians were bred with each other. In 1900s, the federal Government of Turkey began a reproducing program for guarding white Angora species.
Turkish Angora
Image: Pixabay/didissss
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