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10 Obscure Animals You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Normally, when people come face to face with animals in the wild, they take out their camera, take a picture and share that picture on Facebook and other social media. Bear, tigers, lions and other large creatures leave us in awe; while cute animals like pandas, bunnies or baby deer looks so adorable that we want to touch and hug them close. But what people don’t know is that these animals that we often see in the zoo, parks, and animal preserves are only a small portion of what nature has in store for us. These are animals that we have come to know and grown familiar with.
The following information contained herein is just 10 of the most obscure animals that you probably haven’t even heard of existed. Some of them would look totally out of this world and would blow your mind! Let’s find out which among these unique animals will leave a lasting impression on you.

01. The Glowing Hawksbill Sea Turtle

This amazing sea creature will surely light up the dark ocean floor with its glowing green and red colors covering its head and body. Sighted by Marine biologist David Gruber from City University of New York swimming around the depths of Solomon Islands, he was only able to film this sea turtle for a short period of time before it swam away. Going to shore in one of the nearby communities, Gruber and his team found out that there are some young hawksbill turtles that were captured and lived with them in captivity. Upon examination for bio fluorescent abilities, all sea turtles were found to glow red.
Sea Turtle
Image: Pxhere

02. The Pangolin

If you are familiar with armadillos and anteaters, well, this creature would seem a baby crossbreed of both. The pangolin is a mammal that is native to some parts of Africa and Asia. It has a long tongue much like the anteater who is known to eat ants and termites. Because of its unique armor-like, scaly hide, the pangolin is one of the most sought after animals. It is placed among the list of threatened species to preserve its dwindling numbers.
Image: Flickr

03. The Axolotl (or Mexican Walking Fish)

Found in various lakes in Mexico City, the axolotl really looks like a living Pokemon when you see one! With its lidless eyes, and albino or black in color, it is also among the endangered species list. But contrary to what you think is a walking fish, it is really a small salamander, and can also regenerate its limbs as most salamanders do.
Image: Pixabay

04. The Saiga Antelope

Native to some parts of Kazakhstan, Russian and Uzbekistan, the saiga antelope is very recognizable because of its uniquely large and flexible nose (schnoz). It is said that its schnoz is used to filter dust from the surrounding air that it breathes, and helps regulate its blood temperature.
Saiga Antelope
Image: wikipedia

05. The Gharial

Found only along the waterways of South India, the long snout-like nose of this crocodile is filled with about 110 teeth that are used to catch the fish that it eats. You would think its snout just shrank, unlike most crocodiles with large gaping mouths.
Image: Pxhere

06. The Red-Lipped Batfish

This odd-looking creature is really a fish with rosy-red puckered lips. Its large pectoral fins are mainly used to walk along with the corals and ocean floor; it does not swim much like a fish. It has an extension on his head called illicium that is used to attract its nearby prey. It is usually found along Cocos Island in Costa Rica.
Red-Lipped Batfish

07. The Okapi

Native to Central Africa in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this creature looks as if it is half-horse and half-zebra because of its black and white striped-markings on its legs. This is actually the only relative of the giraffe; the two of them under the same family Giraffidae.
Image: Pxhere

08. The Thorny Devil

Also known as Moloch and the thorny dragon, this is lizard lives in the deserts of central Australia. Thorny Devil can grow to about 20-cm in length and live up to 20 years. The hard spines that surround its body are for protection against other predators.
Thorny Devil
Image: Pixabay/PublicDomainImages

09. The Narwhal

Native to the Arctic waters of Canada, Greenland, and Russia, it is a medium-sized two-toothed whale. The more prominent tooth grows like tusks among the male narwhal to about 8 feet long.

10. The Sun Fish

Also known as Mola-Mola it can be found in the temperate waters from various parts of the world. It can be usually spotted “sunbathing at the water’s surface, and can weigh up to 2 tons! It is considered a delicacy in countries like Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.
Sun Fish
Image: wikipedia
These are but a few of the strangest and oddest creatures that live on Earth. No wonder we thought we kept seeing “alien-like” life-forms roaming the planet with these odd animals around. Don’t you agree?
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