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15 Makeup Tips for Older Women to Look Younger

The middle age is a hard and confusing time for women (Yeah, menopause, we get it!) Women might strive to look younger during this time period. Well, you have come to the right place! We will discuss how to make you look younger, one product at a time!
Do you have crows feet, wrinkles or anything else on your face that makes you look old? If you said yes, we are here to help you! Everything from your foundation colour to your hair colour to your nail polish colour could help make you look younger!

#1 Makeup tips

makeup powder
Image: Pixabay/stux
Firstly, be careful with the makeup powder you use! Using colour tinted powder can make or break your makeup look, go for a translucent makeup powder to finish off your look! Face powder can be the difference between like Tyra Banks and a five-year-old who snuck into mommy’s makeup! The translucent makeup powder has no tint but gives your face a matte look, which is your best bet.

#2 Makeup tips

Image: Pixabay/simisi1
Make sure to use products with moisture, moisture and more, you guessed it, moisture! Heavy powdered products tend to make one look older, look young and fresh with liquids and gels that you can just rub in!
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