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10 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms Most Women Ignore

The mere mention of the word cancer sends shivers through anyone’s body. Statistics have recently depicted a sharp rise in people suffering from this deadly disease and which has continued to threaten the very existence of humanity. In its many forms, the affliction has been projected to account for an estimated 1,762,450 new cases in the United States alone this year, with a further 606,880 in the risk of succumbing.
These worrying statistics trickle down to pancreatic cancer with a projected 45,750 people among them 21,950 women likely to die from the killer disease this year alone in the United States. The scariest bit about the whole scenario is the fact that barely 8% of people survive 5 years with pancreatic cancer after diagnosis, thus underlining the importance of early detection and control. In as much as it sounds like an inevitable trend, a series of cancer symptoms and cancer signs ought not to be ignored as far as pancreatic cancer in women is concerned.

Here are the peculiar pancreatic cancer symptoms that shouldn’t go unnoticed

01. Yellowing of eyes and skin

As absurd as that sounds, it’s an immediate cause for alarm. This one of the common early cancer symptoms among pancreatic cancer prospective patients is called jaundice. It is caused by the accumulation of a yellow-brown substance produced by the liver called bilirubin, usually contained in bile. It passes through the bile duct on its way to the intestines to break down fats which leave the body eventually as stool.
When the common duct passage gets blocked by built-up bilirubin, it means that bile can’t get to the entrails. This often is as a result of growth of tumor at the edge of the pancreas which curtails normal flow of bile through the common duct. When such a tumor presses on the pancreas when in its early stages, it shouldn’t be ignored whatsoever. Its symptoms and signs are usually vindicated in unusually colored eyes- mostly yellow.
yellowing of eyes and skin
Image: Pixabay/melancholiaphotography

02. Pain in the back and/or belly

Cancers such as pancreatic cancer, that start at the edge or tail of the pancreas cause some discomfort around the stomach area. This is because the tumor grows and consequently presses on other organs hence causing pain. Even though such an occurrence can be discarded and overlooked as normal stomach pain, it is advisable to visit your nearest clinic for a check-up, especially if it’s steady.
Pain in the back
Image: Pixabay/Milius007

03. Poor appetite

When your digestion cycle is obstructed due to inconsistent passage of bile, your stomach is likely to always feel full. This is among the symptoms that cause the patient to avoid eating which further subjects him or her to dire weight loss.
Poor appetite
Image: Pixabay/Robert-Owen-Wahl

04. Enlargement of stomach

It is not cool to look out of place among your peers when your belly looks large like a pregnant fellow when you clearly know it’s not the latter Continuous growth of the tumor may cause the stomach to visibly extend especially characterized by a lump around the underside of the ribcage. This is one of the early cancer symptoms that calls for immediate attention from your doctor.
Enlargement of stomach
Image: Pixabay/peachpink

05. Itchiness on some parts of your body

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