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Overview of 10 Best Small Dog Breeds

There is something particularly adorable about small dogs that gives them an edge over their larger counterparts. It’s more fun when you can pick up your pet dog and carry them in your palms. And while dog breeds come in a wide variety, there are some breeds that will prove to be more exciting companions than others. The following are the best small dog breeds to have.

01. Bichon Frise

This pocket-size breed will impress you with its cute appearance which features a silky-smooth coat with curly white puffs that resemble cotton. They have a cheerful personality and like being in the company of their owners. Their moderate activity level means you can take them out for a short walk or let your kids play with them around the house. You want to brush a Bichon Frise’s coat daily and trim it once in a month to keep it looking fresh.
Bichon Frise
Image: Pixabay/Antranias

02. Maltese

Maltese is a majestic breed that is popular among people in the higher social class. They are gentle and affectionate, making for the ideal companion animal. They also have a delicate coat of fur that requires to be groomed regularly to keep it in the perfect shape. These dogs have low energy needs, but you can always take them out for a stroll whenever you are in the mood.
Image: Pixabay/Pezibear

03. Boston Terrier

The Boston terrier breed is an agile and intelligent dog that can readily learn tricks and compete in agility competitions. They are very social and possess a friendly attitude that allows them to interact with strangers without drama. Their “tuxedo’ coat gives them a stylish appearance that will attract any small dog lover.
Boston Terrier
Image: Pixabay/one_life
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