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15 Early Cancer Symptoms And Signs You Should Not Ignore

In the United States, almost 1.7 million new cancer cases are diagnosed each year. Speaking about cancer symptoms, there are several kinds of signs that go unnoticed until they start spreading throughout the body. A minor exercise injury or signs of simple cold that you are ignoring today can be something more serious growing underneath the surface. So what can you do to detect cancer symptoms at an early stage? The best way to find cancers early is by doing routine screenings at home.

Here are the 15 early cancer symptoms that you should be taken seriously

01. Incontinence

Pregnancy and age can be a cause of incontinence. But the development of unexplained incontinence can also occur from prostate, bladder and reproductive cancer.
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02. Seizures

Seizures are mostly associated with epilepsy but sometimes seizures can also trigger from Brain tumors. Seizures can be of various types. If you are going through symptoms and signs of seizures frequently, it’s time to get diagnosed immediately!
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03. Enlarged Lymph Nodes

A swollen lymph node indicates that there is some serious problem going inside your body. The very first diagnosis done by the doctor is checking the swollen lymph nodes.
Enlarged Lymph Nodes
Image: wikipedia

04. Difficulty while swallowing

Throat and Esophageal cancer often make it hard to swallow. These kinds of cancers often go undetected. So if you see a minor difficulty in swallowing, get it checked immediately.
Difficulty while swallowing
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05. Bloating

Well, bloating can occur from several things like hormonal changes, food choices, etc. But it can also be a symptom of the colon, stomach, reproductive or pancreatic cancer. So it’s better to be careful!
Image: Pixabay/derneuemann
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