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16 Cancer Causing Foods You Are Probably Eating Every Day

Most of the foods we eat may not be suitable for our health. We rarely think if the things we eat contain carcinogens, which are the elements causing cancer.
Approximately 1.5 million people each year are diagnosed with cancer. Most people only consider the calorie content of the foods they eat with little consideration of how harmful the meals might be.
Here’s a list of 16 foods which can increase the risk of suffering from cancer.

16. Non-organic Products

Once we see fruits or vegetables, we assume they are suitable for human consumption. Non-organic products usually pollute some of these fruits. The products used are mostly linked to cancer, and a good example is Atrazine. Also, fertilizers can carry these toxic components which can affect our fruits and veggies and increase the risk of cancer. It’s always advisable to wash your fruits well before eating.
Non-organic Products
Image: Pixabay/dingdang-99

15. Farmed Salmon

Salmon is one of the healthiest fish meat in the market. However, a large percentage of the salmon in the market is farm raised. The fish eat unnatural feeds which are mostly contaminated with chemical and pesticides. These chemicals contain harmful carcinogens that increase the risk of cancer. The fish also looks fatter, which means it can take more toxins.
Farmed Salmon
Image: Pixabay/Robert-Owen-Wahl

14. Processed Meats

Processed meat may give you an amazing and tasty snack, but they contain a lot of chemicals and preservatives. These additives are harmful to the health of a consumer. If you eat 160 grams of processed meat, you have a 44% exposure to carcinogens risk so the risk of cancer gets bigger.
Processed Meats
Image: Pixabay/Charly_7777

13. Alcohol

If alcohol is taken in controlled measurements, it’s healthy since it reduces chances of heart related diseases. However, excessive consumption of alcohol leads to heart diseases, cancer, stroke, sudden death, and female breast cancers.
Image: Pixabay/jarmoluk
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