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12 Weight Loss Myths Busted

In this article, we look at some weight loss myths that need to be busted in order to help you lose weight fast.

Myth 1: You must take it slow

This is one of the biggest myths in the world of weight loss. There is widespread belief that people must take it slow to lose weight. They must not take on too many things and try and lose weight within a short period of time as that weight will come back on within no time. But in reality, there is no such scientific evidence to back this theory.

There is no proof that says losing weight slowly will help in keeping it off either. So it is safe to assume that neither losing weight fast or slow will help people keep that extra weight from coming back on unless they maintain a routine.

Myth 2: You must set reasonable goals

There is a myth that people start with unreasonable goals and end up being discouraged by it and give up on it halfway. However, just the opposite is said to happen as people will be encouraged to put in their best and see faster and better results.

What many people don’t realize is that once the habit sticks, they will be able to attain weight loss faster and their goals will start to seem appropriate. If they set goals that are too generous, then they might follow it and not be able to lose weight to their actual capacity.

Myth 3: Fasting is the best way to lose weight

This myth is quite popular. People believe that just by not eating food, they can lose weight. By not giving to the body any food, they can help in getting slim. But in reality, just the opposite will happen.

By fasting and starving yourself, you will have to eat double the amount of food to satisfy your hunger. So by adopting fasting, you will do nothing to your body besides fattening it up further and not helping your cause at all.

Myth 4: The 6 meals don’t work

This myth states that the plan to incorporate 6 meals a day to help lose weight faster only causes people to gain more weight. This myth is false. It would be true if the person is not doing it right.

If you consume 6 hearty meals then you are sure to gain more weight. The idea is to split the 3 meals into 6 small meals, so that our body gets the time to digest the food. If you keep hitting it with large amounts of food then it is sure to suffer and gain more and more, unnecessary, weight.

Myth 5: Late night meals will cause weight gain

This myth states that eating late at night causes people to gain weight. However, this is not true. It depends on what you are eating. If you are eating foods laden with carbs, then it might get turned into fat.

But if you are eating healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, then there is no way that these will turn into fat. In fact, these will help you sleep better as well and only assist in your weight loss regime.

Myth 6: Snacking causes weight gain

Snacking in between meals causes weight gain. This is false. Snacking does not cause people to gain weight and it only helps in supporting the body. Snacking should be undertaken along with an effective exercise regime in order for it to work well. But care must be taken to snack on healthy foods such as vegetable sticks and not unhealthy foods such as pizzas and burgers.

Myth 7: Diet label foods are good for weight loss

This is a big myth that needs to be busted. Foods that apply a “diet” sticker on their bottles are lying. So if you come across potato wafers that say “diet wafers” then it is best that you steer clear of them.

The same applies to diet sodas and those that claim the product as containing “zero calories”. None of that can be true. Even if these are diet and low fat, they only mean to say they do not have the same fat content as their regular products and not that they contain very little to no fat content.

Myth 8: Genetics have no say in weight gain

This myth states that genetics does not play a part in weight gain. However, genetics plays a big part in weight gain. Depending on the type of genes that you inherit, you might start gaining weight at a certain time in life, when your genes kick in.

So if you have parents that are overweight or obese, then you must not wait for your genes to kick in and even if you are thin now, you must start dieting and exercising to build strong muscles and not allow your genes to alter your body.

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