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10 Things Men Find Unattractive

No detail about a man seems to get past a woman. They gossip about everything they see, especially with regards to men and their poor dressing or grooming choices. But is the same true of men — do they notice some things about women that turn them off? As it turns out, they do, and here are 10 things men find unattractive about women.

01. Excess Perfume

While perfume is a good thing in that it helps you define your personality, too much of it can be off-putting. And it is not just to men, but to anyone who gets exposed to all that fragrance. You only need to apply a bit of perfume, so that it is noticeable. It does not have to be overwhelming, and a man who is drawn to you will not even realize that it’s your sweet fragrance that did the trick and will think your personality and beauty drew him to you So, less is more when it comes to perfume.
Excess Perfume
Image: Pixabay/Victoria_Borodinova

02. Dry Skin

To anyone, dry skin does not look good. It does not matter if it’s the face, the elbows or even the heels. So, you should apply some moisturizer or nourishing gel on your skin after taking a shower to avoid this problem. Besides, consistently dry skin will have a negative impact on its health as the skin can start cracking.
Dry Skin
Image: Pixabay/chezbeate

03. Bad Shaving

Naturally, most men prefer smooth shaved skin. But while shaving, make sure you do a thorough job on your legs and armpits so that you are clean and hairless. To a man, good grooming is a sign of proper hygiene, and it even tops good makeup. Not even high quality and professionally applied makeup can make up for bad shaving.
Bad Shaving
Image: Pixabay/guaxipo

04. Applying Makeup in Public

Women like to look fashionable all the time, and that means doing some retouches on their makeup several times throughout the day. But having a man see you groom yourself can be a turnoff. This will ruin the mystery about your beauty and will have them think they have figured out what makes you look the way you do. Ensuring that you don’t groom yourself in their presence will keep the mystery alive as they will think you are naturally beautiful, and men love that.
Applying Makeup
Image: Pixabay/ernie114
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  • that is so true they apply makeup and they look hot .In the morning they look like drag queen. You only look beautiful because of this make-up especially the eyelashes. I don’t believe in a lots of makeup you have to see your natural beauty in the day time when you awake up

  • Who cares what men think. What about how they look and behave. They need to look at themselves before criticizing women.

  • Yeah who cares what men think you think they really care I was married and I have my body well taken care of then again he cheats so whatever I hate men

    • I totally agree with you!! Here I gave 8 years of my life, believing that my husband truly was in love with me like I am with him …only to find out it’s all been a lie!! He has cheated on me, with people who were supposed to be our friends!! Yeah, I hate people…especially men, too!!

      • Was his name Raymond? Same thing happened to me, only I gave him 10 years of my life & a son he has never helped take care of. His loss though. I have since moved on & moved up (#divorce); it can be a good thing. Hating him only gives him more power/control over you. Think he’s losing any sleep? How ’bout no, he’s not! Forgive him & be free of any hold he could ever have over you. Indeed, it’s THE best gift you can give yourself & the next person to whom you choose to give your heart!

      • I was in a relationship for 15 years never cheated or even thought about it but it too happened to me played like a fool cuz i trusted the people around me lesson learned keep ur enemies close but keep ur friends even closer and with a good eye never let ur guard down ever

  • Men are DOGS! So I dont give a dam what they think. I’ll do what I want. Guys come a dime a dozen. I prefer to be single tho….

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